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Open View Model type
 Please provide cabinet profile dimesional drawing & 3-D model.
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Intergrate or fit laterIf integrated please provide 3D drawings of parts
Sensor Range
min: 1m ; max: 10 m radius from front cabinet
min: 1m ; max: 10 m radius from front cabinet
From 180 degrees down to 90 degrees

in seconds
Power Supply

Need confirmation of spare capacity on fuse system

Thermascreens Open View

‘Thermascreens Open View’, the world’s first transparent energy saving screen.

Up until now supermarkets have been using glass doors on their multi-deck units in order to save energy, but at the cost of poor visibility of products to customers, impeded sales and blocked aisles.

Rollatherm has pioneered an effective solution!

Rollatherm has launched ‘Thermascreens Open View’, the world’s first transparent energy saving screen that seamlessly fits onto the food retailer chiller units.

This helps food retailers:

  • Conserve energy
  • Optimise merchandising through clear view of product category
  • Reduce mist formation
  • Save aisle space
  • Provide additional stocking space on aisle
  • Improve shopper experience

The seamless operation moves the door sideways as opposed to out into the aisle, making operation easy.

Open View is available in three options: automatic, semi-automatic and manual:

Open View Automatic

Sensor detects shopper around the defined radius and screens open automatically. This system saves approximately 50% of your energy costs.

Open View Semi-Automatic

The screens have to be manually slid open once by the first shopper who passes the chiller unit. It remains open as long as the sensor detects any shoppers around. This has better energy saving options of >50% energy saving. More suitable for peak shopping sections in your supermarkets.

Open View Manual

The screens have to be manually slid open by the customers. Unlike the glass doors, the screens open sideways thus not blocking your aisle space. This system saves up to 50% of your refrigeration cabinet energy costs.

Open View v/s Glass Doors

BenefitsAutomatic Open ViewSemi-Automatic Open ViewManual Open ViewGlass Doors
Energy Saving
CO2 Reduction
Shopper ExperienceAvailableAvailable-Not Available
ShopperImpulse buyingAvailableAvailable-Not Available
Aisle Space SavingNot Available (-)
Peak hours shopping experienceAvailableAvailableAvailableNot Available (-)
Additional stocking space on aisleNot Available ()
No Energy Consumption through Anti-mistAvailableAvailableAvailableNot Available (-)
No Disturbance to air curtainsAvailableAvailableAvailableNot Available (-)
- Cost Saved for energy efficiency & additional merchandise stocked
-€- Loss of Money for additional energy costs
Available - Option available
Not Available - Option unavailable