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Open View Model type
 Please provide cabinet profile dimesional drawing & 3-D model.
Colour of Frame
Bumper Rail

Intergrate or fit laterIf integrated please provide 3D drawings of parts
Sensor Range
min: 1m ; max: 10 m radius from front cabinet
min: 1m ; max: 10 m radius from front cabinet
From 180 degrees down to 90 degrees

in seconds
Power Supply

Need confirmation of spare capacity on fuse system
  • Manual Nightblinds -
    Thermascreens 2600 Series

    Thermascreens Night BlindsAvailable in either a standard spring or controlled rise option.

    • User friendly
    • Option for controlled rise through braking mechanism

    Two methods are mainly used to hold the blinds down.

    • Magnetic strip at the back of bottom rail which hermetically seals the cabinet from draught or spillages
    • Double hook option
    • Other options available upon request

    Most blinds are manufactured as complete ready to install units on fitting rails that just click into snap fit brackets - Job done!

    Manual Night Blinds
  • Cassette Nightblinds -
    Thermascreens 2800 Series

    Thermascreens Night BlindsAn aesthetically pleasing one piece aluminium extrusion available in the colour of your choice. Either provide the sample, the rail colour or the colour from your powder coaters and we shall match the colour of the cassette to suit your freezer cabinets.

    • Available in any colour
    • Specifically designed for well freezer cabinets
    • Perforated aluminium based foil for low emissions
    • Protected against sweating and high humidity
    • Blend harmoniously with cabinets
    Manual Night Blinds
  • Freezer Covers

    Thermascreens Night BlindsWhile using open top refrigerator display cabinets, it is challenging for retailers to maintain a lower temperature as heat escapes from the open top.

    Freezer Covers are specially designed thermal reflective sheets that can be easily placed on top of your open chiller cabinets.

    • Energy saving for chest freezers
    • Easy installation
    • Thermal reflective sheets
    Manual Night Blinds
  • Banana Hammocks -
    Thermaflow breathe

    Thermascreens Night BlindsBanana hammocks were developed working closely with shelving manufacturers. Now used by a large number of food and fresh produce retailers, the mesh hammocks are suspended on a metal framework.

    • Available in a variety of colours and fabrics
    • Increase shelf life of fruit
    • Prevent bruising of the fruit
    • Used by leading retailers
    • Increase your profit margins of this delicate fruit
  • "Open View" –
    The world's first system replacing glass doors

  • Loss Prevention blinds with printable options -
    Rollastop Secure - A world first; patent applied

    Thermascreens Night BlindsFrom cosmetic, pharmacy, tobacco to wines and spirits sections, this effective loss prevention secure shield can be retrofitted onto any existing cabinets in stores where certain sections have to be closed at a particular time in a day. This slash resistant fibre blends well with your retail environment delivering the message that a particular section is closed in an aesthetically pleasing way as compared to bulky shutters.

    • Slash resistant blind for theft or pilferage
    • Energy efficient
    • Printable for any design
    • Can be retrofitted to any cabinet
    • Perfect for high value or restricted items
    • Less bulky and more aesthetically pleasing than shutters
    Manual Night Blinds
  • Motorised Nightblinds -
    Thermascreens 2500 Series

    Thermascreens Night BlindsA system that outshines any other in the market. Accepts the working components by push fit allowing the motor to be switched from one side to the other. This also enables on site repairs without the need of replacing complete blinds

    • Multiple configurations
    • 40mm roller for strength and rigidity
    • One piece end bearing provides less torque on the motor
    • Telescopic drive shaft for easy alignment
    • Minimum gaps between blinds as little as 15mm
    • Rectangular bottom rail with iodised aluminium extrusion into which a solid aluminium bar is inserted for easier free fall of blind
    • Highly reflective aluminium based foil for low emissions
    • Protected against sweating and high humidity
    • Somfy Motor 40mm LS40 Aries guaranteed for 5 years
    Manual Night Blinds
  • Controlled Rise Nightblinds -
    Thermascreens 2650/2550/2850 Series

    Thermascreens Night BlindsBe it either manual, motorised or cassette blinds, you can have a controlled rise option by opting for a braking system.

    • Controlled rise
    • Hermetically seals the cabinet
    • Clicks easily into snap fit brackets
    Manual Night Blinds