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Open View Model type
 Please provide cabinet profile dimesional drawing & 3-D model.
Colour of Frame
Bumper Rail

Intergrate or fit laterIf integrated please provide 3D drawings of parts
Sensor Range
min: 1m ; max: 10 m radius from front cabinet
min: 1m ; max: 10 m radius from front cabinet
From 180 degrees down to 90 degrees

in seconds
Power Supply

Need confirmation of spare capacity on fuse system
Q & A

Thermascreens Open View

Q. Can ‘Open View’ be fit onto any multi-deck?
A. We can provide a whole range of brackets and installation options to practically any cabinet

Q. Is ‘Open View’ easy to install?
A. Open View has been designed and trialled by a number of installation companies. It has been designed in a way where one man can fit it. It approximately takes around a maximum of 20 minutes to fit a 1250 mm Open View frame onto the cabinet.

Q. What about the frame size & exterior statics?
A. We can work with you to suit the exterior statics; the frame can be modelled and shaped to compliment your cabinet with different material options - either steel, aluminium, plastic being some of the few...

Q. What is the strength of the fabric in terms of clarity and longevity? Primarily because it is not glass and is the plastic polymer fabric
A. The material has been thoroughly researched and tested. It has been specially selected with an anti-scratch property & designed for anti-sweat purpose. We have carried out long term studies on UV stability to prevent discolouration in use. In addition, the fabric comes in a perforation & can be adjusted for different humidity levels.

Q. What colour does the frame come in?
A. We can match the frame colour to your cabinet or marketing point of sale colour. We can also modify the profile to match your store environment. Provide us with your RAL reference and we shall match the frame to that colour.

Q. Is it easy to maintain?
A. Yes. The system has an easy release for the exterior frame and for the transparent roller material. The frame has a two quarter turn release. This ties in with the NSF restrictions with access for cleaning.

Q. What is the cost of the Open View system?
A. The cost depends on your choice of either the Automatic or Semi-Automatic Open View. Please provide us with the details requested in the quote request form and kindly send it to to receive a quote. Or alternatively, contact us on +44 (0) 1604 757055.