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Rollatherm Industries
  • Retail

    Rollatherm International Group has been providing energy saving Thermascreens nightblinds to major retailers for over 20 years. Considering the fact that refrigeration costs contribute to more than 50% of the retail energy costs, we have designed energy saving and space saving solutions for refrigeration that would help control the retail store costs.

    • Save not only up to 40% energy costs through nightblinds, but also control your day to day hidden costs
    • Save up to 50% energy costs through Open View
    • Control overall refrigeration costs in your retail store
    • Save aisle space and potentially increase stocking of merchandise
    • Extend shelf life of perishable items such as bananas
    • Slash resistant blinds with printable options for sections with off-license trade restrictions
    • Shorter lead times
    • Easy installation
    • Lower maintenance
    • Better Return on Investment

    Innovative Open View - unique solution to combining energy saving and merchandising:

  • Service Companies

    We can work closely with service companies supporting freezer and cabinet maintenance:

    • Control maintenance costs
    • Extended warranties for improved service
    • Reduced survey, supply and fitting costs
    • Flexible with requested order quantities
  • Energy Companies

    Our innovation in product design and development means that we can work closely with retailers and energy companies to improve their energy efficiencies:

    • Nightblinds save up to 40% on energy costs
    • OpenView Saves up to 50% in chiller cabinet energy costs
    • Fully supported warranties
  • Refrigeration OEM’s

    Working closely with refrigeration cabinet manufacturers, we offer tailor made nightblinds that can be retrofitted onto chiller cabinets.

    • Reduce energy consumption of your chiller cabinets
    • Longest fully supported warranty to significantly reduce your maintenance costs
    • Meet the quality expectations demanded by your retail customers
    • Easy retrofitting to suit individual requirement